Have you seen my missing Taylor??

My beloved Taylor acoustic guitar was stolen from me Wednesday 11/21/12 as I was loading my car at my West Nashville condo complex. I was making multiple trips back and forth and left it unattended. Police reports have been filed, insurance claims made, listings posted on stolenguitarregistry.com, and I’m in talks with the good folks at Taylor Guitars. I don’t know if they can help me, but I’m hopeful. I’m currently accepting all forms of prayers, good energy, and positive vibes. This guitar has been my #1 go-to guitar for the past ten years. If you’ve seen me at a show over the past ten years, then you’ve seen me with my Taylor. Ten years, hundreds of venues, over 1000 shows. Hope to be reunited soon.Image

What’s Brenda Reading?

I’ve recently picked up Donald Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. I try to live with the challenge to make every day count and that’s definitely not an easy thing to do. This book, along with Miller’s Blue Like Jazz which I finished about 6 months ago, came recommended to me by a person in my life who is a great example of the “making every day count” mantra. Here’s to making every day count!Image